Friday, March 19, 2010

this is a joint venture of two friends....not to be confused with an emasculating marriage blog

For the last month I have been studying the logistics of consolidation accounting. . .

However, I must admit, it was not my brilliant experience with corporate consolidations that led Mckay and I to this business proposition. Earlier today I was catching up with my friend Mckay when he turned to me and said, "We should probably start a blog together making an account of all the ridiculous things we do."

This made sense, you see, as I have noticed that the material i quite frequently use for my blog, Further Frivolity quite regularly involves Mckay. And Mckay's blog TellingDetail quite regularly involves me! Actually...THAT's a complete LIE because Mckay has one post....ever!

In a typical business setting, Further Frivolity Inc, would probably post a bid to purchase TellingDetail Co. because it has ENORMOUS potential...but due to current conditions (aka poor management), it is currently unprofitable (aka only has one blog post). This would result in a Statutory Merger, where one entity is liquidated (Mckay's blog) and joined into the other entity (My blog). The final result is a parent company operating with the newly acquired assets of the subsidiary.

However, this sort of cyberspace consolidation is too creepishly similar to a married couple's blog where the wife discusses the latest trip to the in-laws and mentions how "great it was to see everyone doing so well and in such good health"...Quite frankly the commentary on those blogs ring with mundane, Jane Austen-esque boredom, but without any sort of Darcy/Knightly/Wentworth character to spice up the conversation. That's because by this point, the blog author is married...and her Mr Darcy (aka liquidated subsidiary) has been emasculated into obscurity as she (aka parent company) now speaks for the two of them...and after, quite literally, acquiring all his assets, finds no more use of him!

Having more faith...and increasingly more respect for my dear friend Mckay than to try that with him...I have decided to call this business proposition a Joint Venture. For the less business savvy this is when two companies (retaining their own identity) undertake an economic activity together by contributing equity in hopes of making a handsome profit to be split by both of them. (And I indubitably use the word handsome because we're both rather good looking!)

In essence this is our brain child...a wonderful amalgamation of absurdity and cleverness amounting to rather epic proportions.

Expect Great Things!


I'm sure our family's will be happy to know that in lieu of their two single children's blog appearing like a marriage blog...we have opted for an illegitimate cyberspace child.


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